National IWRM Status Reports

The countries in Southern Africa are at very different stages of implementing Integrated Water Resource Management, and have different experiences in this regard. It is, at this point, useful to take stock of the process and to examine opportunities for improved IWRM implementation in the various countries. The GWP SA, supported by the African Development Bank (through the Multi-donor Water Partnership Programme), put in place a project to examine the status of IWRM implementation in southern Africa and to develop recommendations for the way forward. Access the individual country IWRM reports:

  1. National IWRM Status Report: Angola
  2. National IWRM Report: Botswana
  3. IWRM Survey and Status Report: Namibia
  4. IWRM Survey and Status Report : Madagascar
  5. IWRM Survey and Status Report: Malawi
  6. IWRM Survey and Status Report: South Africa
  7. IWRM Survey and Status Report: Swaziland
  8. IWRM Survey & Status Report: Summary