Youth and Young Water Professionals' Platform, South Asia

The platform would facilitate youth interaction beyond their country of origin, extended to South Asia level and beyond. Through the platform, youth are encouraged to engage actively with various stakeholders, and to become pioneers for sharing of information, data and outputs and make them to be widely accessible for youth networks as well as the society.

Launched on 26 April 2023.


GWP SAS, YYPP and Brandix Apparel Limited launched their first competition targeting the youth in South Asia named “South Asia Youth Water Challenge - 2023” with the aim to provide opportunities and empower the younger generation to create meaningful impact and change while contributing to the sustainable development goals. The youth groups who submitted the short-listed concept notes would get the opportunity to go through a mentorship programme to get the guidance of expertise in order to improve their proposals.

      The winning proposal will receive a grant of USD 2,500 for project implementation.