Calls for Tenders

Call for offers: Hydraulic and electric connection of the new seawater boreholes to the existing seawater desalination infrastructure in Folegandros Island. 32/2022/Zero Drop. Read more.

Call for Offers for the Supply of Solar Powered Equipment / Panels for the Production of Potable Water from the Atmospheric Moisture and Installation at a Concrete Shed at the Port and on the Roof of the Town Hall of Folegandros Island. Read more.

Relaunch: Call for Offers for an International Specialist for transboundary water management and Project Document Preparation Specialist / Technical Advisor. Read more.

Call for Offers For the Final Evaluation of the project “Promoting the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Southeastern Europe, through the use of the Nexus approach” (ADC 8337-00/2016)/ 24/2022/ADA. Read more.

Call for Offers:Development of risk financing and risk transfer (mechanisms) strategy for the Drin Basin (23/2022/AF Floods). Read more.

Current and past Calls: Read more

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