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/ Central Asia and Caucasus

World Water Day 2018 in CACENA region

Celebrating the World Water Day in CACENA region has started before its date. Many events were held by GWP CACENA partners to raise awareness on water related problems.
/ Central Africa

GWP CAf celebrates World Water Day 2018

On 22 March 2018, GWP CAf joins the global community to celebrate World Water Day (WWD), which aims to raise awareness on the importance of water and promote sustainable water resources management. This year, the WWD is celebrated under the theme "Water: the answer is in nature".
/ Central and Eastern Europe

Nature-based solutions address water challenges in Central Europe

On the occasion of the World Water Day 2018 and its topic ‘Nature for Water’, we present the FramWat project. It brings an innovative approach to the implementation of the nature-based small water retention measures in the river basin management plans.
/ Global

New Campaign: GWP Calling for Action on SDG 6

On 20 March 2018, during the 8th World Water Forum, GWP is launching a campaign to speed up the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal on water, SDG 6.