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SDG 6 Monitoring Guide for the Caribbean Developed by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) and Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C)

Effective, accurate monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 (Water and Sanitation) is a technical process that requires considerable effort at the local level. Successful monitoring and reporting are contingent on regional circumstance, national institutional arrangements and associated capacities of agencies and ministries therein. As such, region specific adaptations are necessary to enhance existing methodologies toward increased efficacy and functionality at the local level.
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Launch of GovernAgua: Transforming Water Governance in South America

The GovernAgua project: "Transforming water governance in South America: from reaction to adaptation and anticipation” was launched on 26 July. The regional event, supported by GWP South America, took place at the SARAS Institute headquarters (South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies) and it was broadcast online.
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Calling Students: Internship Opportunities with GWP

GWP is looking for two interns from non-European, non-North American countries for a 3-month internship this autumn. The internships will be financially supported and will focus on programmes, partnerships and resource mobilisation. The duty station is in the global GWP secretariat in Stockholm, Sweden. Application deadline: 8 September.
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"The Youth Sector - an Explosion of Energy and Hope"

12 August marks International Youth Day - the 2019 theme is “transforming education”, highlighting efforts to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth. GWP launched its Youth Engagement Strategy in 2015 and has since then been actively pursuing various youth initiatives. Coinciding with International Youth Day, GWP's new Youth Engagement Specialist, Rianna Gonzales, takes up her new position in the GWP secretariat in Stockholm, Sweden. She describes the youth sector as “an explosion of energy and hope."
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Training Journalists in Environmental Reporting

Journalists from Albania, Greece, Kosovo* and Montenegro attended a 2-day training** event in Lake Ohrid, in North Macedonia, to develop their capacities in environmental and water reporting, and learn about the 200.000 USD Lake Ohrid Pilot Activity under the GEF Drin Project.
/ South Asia

Strengthening Integrated Water Resources Management in Sri Lanka

GWP South Asia attended a national key water sector stakeholder discussion held on 8 August 2019 in Colombo organised by the Programme Management Unit of the Mahaweli Water Security Investment Programme (MWSIP) under its consultancy package “Strengthening of Integrated Water Resources Management (SIWRM)” in Sri Lanka.