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Central American Ministries of Environment React to Drought Workshops

The Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD) and GWP Central America reported back to the Ministries of Environment of Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala on the national workshops regarding integrated drought management. GWP Central America coordinated a series of workshops on integrated drought management as part of the project “Increasing Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity due to Floods and Drought and Promoting Resilience in Central America”, financed by EUROCLIMA+.
/ Global, South America

Paraguay Updates Data on IWRM Implementation

Paraguay recently concluded a successful consultation workshop on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 6.5.1: Degree of Implementation of Integrated Management of Water Resources (IWRM). Paraguay is one of the countries that accepted support by GWP South America to carry out consultations on SDG 6.5.1. The first round of consultations started in 2016, and in Paraguay in 2017. Paraguay's 2020 consultation is one of many taking place worldwide to collect data and measure the progress made on IWRM.
/ Southern Africa

Eight African entries make semi-finals of Water ChangeMaker Awards

Eight African entries have qualified in the semi-finals of the Water ChangeMaker Awards, which were launched by GWP and partners in 2020 to recognise the teams and organisations who shape water decisions that build climate resilience.
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Danube Art Master 2020

“Discover Danube” is the motto of this year’s Danube Art Master competition. New category, and online participation make it even more interesting.