Our Objectives

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) is committed to supporting Caribbean countries in the sustainable management of their water resources by fully promoting and applying Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the region.

Key Objectives

  1. To promote the principles, values and policies of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) network.
  2. To establish proactive alliances in water resources management that are representative, gender sensitive, and participatory at the community, country, and regional levels.
  3. To promote public participation in the management of water resources through capacity building and information sharing at the regional, national, and particularly the community level.
  4. To promote Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) as the preferred approach to water resources management in the region and to obtain national commitments towards IWRM implementation.
  5. To align the Caribbean region with hemispheric and other global water initiatives in order to capitalise on international experiences and opportunities for regional capacity-building in IWRM.
  6. To improve water governance through the promotion, enhancement and effective implementation of legislation, policy, programmes and institutional regulatory and administrative frameworks.
  7. To collaborate within the framework of the work programme of Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) with the GWP network and other organisations and institutions working in all areas of sustainable development in a manner that recognises and builds upon ongoing responsibilities and initiatives to ensure the best utilisation of resources available to the Caribbean region.
  8. To strengthen mechanisms for sharing information and experience.