Our Journalists Network

The Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) Journalists Network on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a body of journalists from the Caribbean region empowered to build awareness on IWRM and water related issues in their country or region.

The Journalists Network provides a system of communications and support that allow journalists to collaborate rather than work as isolated individuals on IWRM and key related development issues.

GWP-C is guided by the Communications principles of the global organisation that recognises the critical importance of the role of media and its power in advocating for water being at the top of the development agenda.

GWP-C with the support of a global network has the capacity to support Caribbean media practitioners in understanding an integrated approach to water sustainability.

Benefits of being a member of GWP-C's Journalists Network

  • It builds the technical understanding and expertise of journalists. 
  • Journalists feel more empowered to write and report on water resources issues.
  • Creates opportunities for cross and inter-regional linkages with other journalists globally where experiences and lessons learnt can be used for greater knowledge sharing.
  • Quality outputs by journalists (articles, case studies) are used for research and reference by others.
  • Access to information resources on IWRM and related issues as well as capacity building activities (workshops, seminars, conferences) on IWRM.

Values of the GWP-C Journalists Network

GWP-C is guided by the core values of the global network. These are inclusiveness, openness, transparency, accountability, respect, gender-sensitivity and solidarity.

In abiding by these core values GWP-C endorses a Journalists Network that:

  • Reports fairly on issues.
  • Is ethical in reporting or disseminating information.
  • Is professional in its activities.

Who can join GWP-C's Journalists Network?

Any interested media practitioner that is willing to learn more about IWRM and create greater awareness about water related issues in the Caribbean region. More information on the Journalists Network is available in the right menu.

Apply to become a member of the GWP-C Journalists Network here.