Rainwater Harvesting ToolBox

In partnership with the Council for Caribbean Science and Technology (CCST), Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) received a grant from the Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund (PGTTF) to finance a Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) project for the Caribbean.

A RWH model and now an associated ToolBox have been developed by the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI) on behalf of GWP-C.

The ToolBox is comprised of various material such as:

  • A Caribbean Handbook on rainwater harvesting
  • Quick technical reference sheets
  • Posters on rainwater harvesting
  • Technical brochures
  • Video material on rainwater harvesting in the Caribbean
  • A Caribbean programme for rainwater harvesting
  • Examples of mapping applications for rainwater harvesting

Who can benefit from using the ToolBox?

  • Physical development and town and country planners
  • Engineers, architects, builders
  • Municipal authorities inclusive of the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Health and Sanitation Authority
  • Private Sector (E.g. realtors, investors and equipment and material suppliers)
  • Water experts
  • Practitioners
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Rainwater Harvesting in the Caribbean.

The RWH ToolBox will be used as an educational resource to enhance awareness of rainwater harvesting in the region.

Click on the GWP-C ToolBox logo below to access our Rainwater Harvesting ToolBox today!