Get Involved

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) currently has more than 120 partners in over 22 Caribbean countries. GWP-C has the support of the Global Water Partnership which comprises of 13 Regional Water Partnerships and more than 75 Country Water Partnerships worldwide. The global network has over 3000 partners in over 180 countries.

GWP-C’s partners in the region all endorse the network’s mission of supporting Caribbean countries in the sustainable management of their water resources.

We encourage all organisations that have an interest in water sustainability and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to apply to become a GWP-C partner and help us work towards building a water secure Caribbean.

Becoming a GWP-C partner is simply one of the ways of getting involved in the network as there are various benefits of being a GWP-C partner.

GWP-C also involves journalists across the region in its work through its Journalists Network on IWRM. The Network which was created in 2009, facilitates the exchange of information among Caribbean Journalists and GWP-C on water issues in the region and provides technical support to journalists on IWRM if/when needed.

Apply to become a GWP-C Partner here: