FAO Vacancy: Land Bank Consultant in Grenada

The Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean (SLC) is responsible for developing, promoting, overseeing and implementing agreed strategies for addressing sub-regional food, agriculture and rural development priorities. It develops and maintains relations with sub-region wide institutions including Regional Economic Integration Organizations (REIOs). The Sub-Regional Office is a subsidiary of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO’s) Regional Office for the Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC).

FAO is seeking a Land Bank Consultant that will be based in Grenada to support the below-described project’s implementation in coordination with the Lead Technical Officer and the National Project Coordinator.

The project is aimed at scaling up the Pilot Agricultural Land Bank in Grenada to a National Land Bank to promote food and nutrition security and support sustainable management of rural lands, in particular idle and underutilized lands. The project also aims to benefit rural youth by facilitating access to land and means of production. The project will significantly contribute to increasing food production, sustainable land management and rural development in Grenada.

The project will assist in the scaling up of an ongoing Pilot Agricultural Land Bank in Grenada, as stated before, and based on this experience, a draft land bank policy will be prepared for the establishment and operation of the National Land Bank. A multi-stakeholder process of consultation and validation of the draft land bank policy will be conducted. Also, the project will establish a land bank performance monitoring system, based on the draft land bank policy, and based on the review of the functioning of the Pilot Agricultural Land Bank. A series of performance indicators for the land bank will be prepared to be validated by the land bank governance mechanism.

Finally, the project will design and implement a comprehensive training program to rural youth to develop rural entrepreneurship, as well as a comprehensive communication tool for rural youth entrepreneurs.

More information on the consultancy including all application details can be found here. The Application Deadline is : February 19th, 2021.