GWP-C Led Initiative to Develop Investment Portfolio for Financing Climate Change Projects in the Dominican Republic is Underway

Global Water Partnership Caribbean (GWP-C) in coordination with the National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism of the Dominican Republic (CNCCMDL) and funded by the NDC Partnership, are developing a portfolio of bankable investments to finance climate change projects in the Dominican Republic (DR). The consultancy is being carried out by the company Viridia Projects.

The initiative is underway, with a first phase of extensive documents reviewed and interviews with key stakeholders having been carried out. This made it possible to prioritise interventions in five (5) basins in the DR and to identify some of the main problems and possible measures for climate action. The watersheds of focus are Río Tocino-Artibonito in Elías Piña, Ríos Panzo, Las Damas and Laguna de Cabral in the Hoya of Lago Enriquillo, Tábara and Jura in Azua. Additionally, the lower Yaque del Norte basin in Monte Cristi and Valverde and the Eastern Coastal Plain in La Altagracia province have also been prioritised.  

Snapshots of in-person consultations with community leaders in the provinces of Azua and Elías Piña in the Dominican Republic (west of the country). The province of Elías Piña is on the border with Haiti.

The consultancy team have conducted interviews on the ground (during the first two weeks of April) with community leaders and citizens, individuals, and small groups. Virtual meetings with key actors in each of the aforementioned groupings have also taken place, to strengthen the findings and deepen the analysis of problems and measures identified. The aim is to compile recommendations on environmental and social adaptation measures, to be implemented for the conservation and efficient use of water and associated natural resources. This information will be used in the third deliverable of the consultancy, which entails a series of drafted project notes.

GWP-C is supporting the Government of the Dominican Republic to develop this investment-ready portfolio, as part of a series of activities and outputs to inform the country’s submission for the second round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).