Water and Climate Webinar Series in July

Cap-Net, UNDP, Global Water Partnership (GWP), AGWA, SIWI and the Water Governance Facility, will host a webinar series that sets out contributions to strengthen climate and water linkages in national frameworks such as NDCs, NAPs and various investment mechanisms.

“Coordinating, Implementing and Financing National Climate and Water Policy Frameworks”

The webinars aim to highlight climate and water inter-linkages and contribute to improve the coordination across climate and water decision-makers and professionals; provide examples of coordination and implantation mechanisms and introduce the financing landscape of climate and water.

SAVE THE DATES for these webinars which will be held on July 9th, 16th and 23rd, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. Atlantic Standard Time (AST). Register for all webinars here.

9 July: “Water and Climate Coordination”: Supporting the NDCs under the Paris Agreement

The first webinar will discuss how improved cross-sector understanding and knowledge among climate and water decision-makers and professionals contribute to improved coordination between climate change and water decision-making. It will introduce a practical tool for identifying climate and water inter-linkages.

16 July: “Implementation”

The second webinar aims to help countries to understand the different processes and tools that can help in adaptation planning and implementation, starting from the strategic level adaptation planning up to local level adaptation actions.

23 July: “Climate finance”

The third webinar introduces the three (3) main global climate finance mechanisms and further zoom in to the GCF – understanding its mandate, investment criteria, its operational modalities, funding windows and procedures for accessing resources for climate resilient water initiatives. 

All webinars will be held in Zoom, the link will be shared after your registration.