Trinidadian Luke Smith Wins GWP-C World Water Day 2020 Photo Contest

To commemorate World Water Day (WWD) 2020 (observed annually on March 22nd), the Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) challenged persons to enter its Photo Contest.

The competition called for participants to submit a photo taken in the Caribbean, depicting “Taking good care of water.” GWP-C saw this as a simple and effective way to promote the message that efficient use of water can help fight climate change.

The winning photo captioned “A closed cycle of growth” was submitted by Trinidadian Luke Smith.

A closed cycle of growth. Photo by: Luke Smith | Location: Trinidad

When asked about the idea behind the photo in the context of the competition’s theme, Luke said “Hydroponics systems are relatively closed systems, using less water than conventional soil-based gardening. The system water can be reused, allowing for conservation of water embodying the theme of Taking good care of water.”

Apart from this photo being ranked the highest amongst all submissions, the competition’s judges made mention of the photo’s very important relevance in making the link between water security and agriculture. Winner Luke Smith indicated that this was precisely why he was compelled to enter the Photo Contest, explaining the need to highlight WWD and also show the concept of water security in relation to food security.

Luke Smith seen in photo above.

About the Winner

Luke Smith is the Caribbean Regional Coordinator for the Thought for Food Challenge and also the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Officer of We Help You-th Farm (WHYFARM). He is a freelance Agriculture Blogger, Social Media Reporter and  Photographer, who specialises in agricultural photography and videography. Luke is also the co-founder of an early stage start-up “Seed4Dsower.” He firmly believes that every seed has the potential of an entire ecosystem within it. Through his work, he aspires to germinate seeds that will increase the harvest in others.

Luke holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Natural Resources Management and Agribusiness, with Certificates in Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, Youth in Entrepreneurship Business on Agribusiness Enterprises and a Certificate of completion in AGRIMONITOR.

The relationship between water security, agriculture and food security is extremely important. Water is key to food security, which is why managing it efficiently is essential. In his work, Luke plays an active role in promoting this message. Here are two (2) videos he produced related to this:

Water Security and Agriculture Achieving SDGs

Aquaponics System in Trinidad

GWP-C congratulates Luke Smith on his winning photo in its World Water Day 2020 Photo Contest. As his prize, he will receive a US$100 Amazon Gift Card.  

We would also like to recognise all participants in the competition, who were inspired to enter! GWP-C remains committed to raising awareness on Caribbean water security through initiatives like this and others.