PRIMA Acquaount project - promoting IWRM  in agriculture through IoT technologies

GWP-Med is leading Work Packages on Policy & Governance, and Stakeholder Engagement in the new PRIMA Acquaount project aims at promoting IWRM at macro and micro levels through the use of innovative digital tools.

The European Union-funded ACQUAOUNT project aims to improve Integrated Water Resource Management and sustainable irrigation through the deployment of innovative tools, smart water services and solutions, for public and private use, contributing to climate resilience. To this end, ACQUAOUNT will develop a suite of innovative tools, centered around 3 main products:
1. A farm-level tool providing near-real time information about optimal irrigation amount and timing for each crop and field.
2. A basin-level water accounting tool featuring projections of water availability and allowing integrated water management decisions.
3. A Decision Support Tool for long-term planning, which allows to consider the effects of climate change on water resource availability.

In this way, the project will answer the urgent need for an efficient use of the already scarce water resources in the Mediterranean area under the vision of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, able to strengthen cohesion and benefits between sectors competing for water. The combination of Acquaount tools will permit to simulate complex interactions and feedbacks across several time horizons and multiple related environmental and socio-economic dimensions, leading to policy recommendations and climate change adaptation strategies on a macro scale, as well as optimal decisions on a micro individual farm level.

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