Webinar: Lessons for the Mediterranean from Non-Conventional Water Resources applications in Malta

What has been the secret of successful NCWR applications in Malta and what is the potential for replication across the Mediterranean? Join our upcoming webinars on lessons learned from the experience of the Alter Aqua programme in the Maltese islands.

Malta, one of the most water-stressed areas in the world, has been a pioneer in the development of Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) solutions, contributing to overall efforts towards water security. NCWR efforts have centered around the 10+ year collaboration between GWP-Med, The Coca-Cola Foundation, Malta’s Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development, the Energy and Water Agency and local stakeholders in the frame of the Alter Aqua programme, which are saving more than 20 million litres of water annually, benefiting 20% of Malta’s population.

1st webinar: Thursday 3 February, 17.00-18.00 CET. Join by Zoom

  • Manuel Sapiano, CEO of Malta’s Energy and Water Agency, will discuss the “Integration of NCWR solutions with broader policy perspectives in Malta and within a Water-Energy-Food Nexus framework”.



  • Dr. Nikos Skondras, Senior Programme Officer, GWP-Med, will discuss “Non-Conventional Water Resources in the context of Integrated Water Resources Management.”

 2nd webinar: Thursday 17 February, 17.00-18.00 CET. Join by Zoom

    • Dr. Nikos Skondras, Senior Programme Officer, GWP-Med, will discuss the “Lessons learned for the Mediterranean frοm applying the Non-Conventional Water Resources Programme in 4 countries.”

  • Mr. Alexandros Kandarakis, Head of Communications, GWP-Med, will discuss “Communications for water security: how to achieve public awareness and emotional connection with water issues.”



Read more about the latest works of the Alter Aqua project in Malta.

The Alter Aqua Programme is designed and implemented by Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean, in partnership with the Energy and Water Agency and the Coca-Cola system in Malta (GSD Marketing Ltd. and The Coca Cola Company).