Water Is In Our Hands: Adopting water saving habits on the island of Psara

GWP-Med and Reckitt’s Finish continue, for the 3rd consecutive year, their successful mission to disseminate water saving practices among island communities with limited water resources.

After the Greek islands of Ai Stratis and Oinousses, Psara, a small idyllic island in the northeastern Aegean of only 400 residents, was the next stop of the "Water Is In Our Hands" initiative, at the heart of which lies the promotion of water saving habits, as a measure for water security and adaptation to climate change.,

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Psara, one of a handful of Mediterranean islands blessed with high-quality groundwater resources, until recently ensuring a steady supply of drinking water on the island, faced severe water shortages in 2021. The island’s main borehole, supplying the water network, collapsed, in part due to overpumping.

The Mayor of Psara, Mr. Konstantinos Vratsanos (middle) with representatives from GWP-Med (left) and Reckitt (middle) at the unveiling of a work of street art aiming to inspire water saving practices.

According the Mayor of Psara, Mr. Konstantinos Vratsanos:

"Psara today needs support to effectively protect its water resources, especially after the recent water shortage adventure that we experienced for the first time last summer. We are happy to become part of the chain as the next station of "Water Is In Our Hands" program. It is an extremely successful initiative that continues for the 3rd year and aims to inform and adopt smart daily water saving tactics and new habits for all of us."

Although smaller than most inhabited islands in the Aegean, Psara’s water consumption per capita is relatively high, driven by a perceived abundance of water. Is this conception that “Water Is In Our Hands” sought to change at the community level, handing out water saving kits that can be applied in every kitchen and bathroom to save water, and engaging in awareness raising activities on the value of changing daily habits.

The program's public event engaged Psara's local residents, young and old, including through a quiz on water saving habits.

After the success of the action in the previous two years, this year the initiative sett an even higher goal in the new destination: the residents of Psara promise to save up to 1,500,000 liters of water over a period of one year.

The "Water Is In Our Hands" team visiting households in Psara to distribute and demonstrate the use of water saving kits.

The Mayor of Psara is very optimistic regarding the residents’ response and the call to adopt new water saving habits:

"I want to express my warmest congratulations to all the executives of Finish and the Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean for the flawless implementation of this extremely important program, aimed at informing and raising awareness about the proper management and protection of water, the most precious good on our planet. Through this action, we hope to save significant amounts of water and lay the foundations for the acquisition of collective environmental consciousness, against its over-consumption and waste, adopting smart tactics in its use and changing our small daily habits. All of us Psara residents take "Water Is In Our Hands" and commit to achieving the goal of saving 1,500,000 liters of water within a year."

The "Water Is In Our Hands" initiative was launched in Greece in 2020, marking the beginning of a joint water conservation campaign by Finish and GWP-Med in the Greek islands.