The Drin basin’s fascinating biodiversity was celebrated during Drin Day 2020

More than 180 representatives of NGOs, academia, youth centers, schools and media participated in the 2020 Drin Day celebrations throughout all Riparian countries, while more than few thousands attended online, due to this year’s COVID-19 pandemic-imposed limitations.

Nature lovers from Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo* remained faithful to their annual date and celebrated Drin Day, which aims to raise awareness and inspire collective and transboundary actions towards protecting the Drin River Basin and its freshwater ecosystems.

In Kosovo and Albania, 88 students and youth “Gave Life to Drin biodiversity” by joining a Facebook and Instagram competition with pictures, videos, presentations, drawings and essays inspired by the Drin River and its biodiversity while two videos were produced on the biodiversity and the issues affecting the basin. 26 of them went on a two-day camping trip in Gjakova to explore first-hand the impact of human activities on the river eco-habitat and learn about river restoration.

In Montenegro, three online lectures on Drin’s biodiversity were followed by an online competition with questions relating to Drin’s flora and fauna. Winners together with volunteers and biology students participated in the educational camping trip organized in Ada Bojana. During the trip,  they explored the Drin’s biology and avifauna through lectures on the famous European eel and its importance for the area, they learned about its cultural heritage and the ancient city of Svač and observed the birds of Lake Shas.

In North Macedonia, students from three elementary schools had the opportunity to learn more about the river, its wetlands and springs during the online courses given by Dr. Suzana Patcheva from the Hydrobiological Institute. Prior to the courses, the students watched three documentary videos that were especially commissioned for Drin Day 2020, depicting the natural beauties of the Springs of the Black Drin River on the North Macedonian side, Koselska River and Belchista Wetland. Celebrations were concluded with a cruise through Sateska river, Koselska River and Black Drin River, fully respecting all COVID -19 health protocols.

At the Youth Centre Arka in Shkoder, Albania a photography exhibition entitled “Biodiversity through Photography” was organized presenting the different animals and species of the local lake.

The Drin Day celebration amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in all Riparians proved that celebrating nature only requires commitment, creativity and love for one’s home. It is proof of how a river’s natural beauty can unite and inspire, regardless of age and space limitations.

Drin Day 2020 events & dates:

In North Macedonia, the cruise/event “New Normal in Protection of the biodiversity of the Drin Basin River” took place on the 26th of July.

In Montenegro, the educational camp took place from July 7th-July 8th.

In Kosovo, the social media campaign took place from July 1st to July 15th, the video was produced from July 1st to the 11th of August and the camping from July 25th- July 26th.  

In Albania, the exhibition “Biodiversity through Photography” took place from the 7th of September and lasted for two weeks.


This year’s Drin Day celebrations would not have been possible without the contribution of:

“CBC Innovation Hub” (Kosovo), “Youth Center Borderless” (Albania), Youth Centre Arka in Shkoder the Instituti I Librit dhe I Promocionit and Human NGO, Green Home (Montenegro), Center for Sustainable Community Development from Debar, Regional Green Center Ohrid (N.Macedonia)

The Drin Project is financed by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and executed by the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med), in partnership with United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE).