How to Become a GWP SEA Partner?

(1) Any legal entity, may become a Partner of the GWP-SEA network. Partners may include regional, national and local governmental institutions, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, academic and research institutions, companies, and service providers in the public sector

(2) Any entity of the character referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article, which recognizes the principles of integrated water resources management endorsed by the GWP-SEA  and is committed to implement these principles, may become a Partner of the GWP-SEA . 

(3) The standard conditions to join GWP-SEA  described in two GWP documents: “GWP Policy on Partners”, January 2005 and “Conditions for Accreditation as Regional and Country Water Partnership”, November 2005. The standard Application form should be submitted to the GWP-SEA Secretariat and it is a subject to  final decision by the GWPO Executive Secretary. 

(4) The rights and obligations of a partner are regulated in the GWP Policy on Partners document (2005).

GWP-SEA Statutes

GWP-SEA's Statutes include the functions and obligations of partners and is available here.

Policy on Partners

The partnership is guided by the global organisation’s ‘Policy on Partners’ which clarifies the concept and position of a Partner within the Global Water Partnership (GWP) network. The GWP Policy on Partners is available here.

Application Form

GWP-SEA's partnership application form is available here.