The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network with over 3,000 Partner organisations in 183 countries. The network has 86 Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships.

Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA) is one of 13 Regional Water Partnerships and the oldest network of GWP. GWP-SEA has strong regional networks and partners in all sectors as well as Country Water Partnerships (CWPs). Today there are CWPs in all 8 countries in the region, namely Lao PDR, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. These CWPs have growing number of GWP partners who represent a wide diversity of sectors e.g. water management, agriculture, education, environment, professional organizations, development banks, rural & community development organizations, government institutions, NGOs, INGOs and so forth. 

GWP-SEA secretariat is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, c/o Ministry of Public Works & Housing of the Republic of Indonesia. On legal basis, GWP-SEA is hosted by PT. Binatama Wirawreda Konsultan (BWK).