GWP SEA in Action

GWP-Southeast Asia mission is to encourage, support, facilitate member countries network in achieving water security through the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach.

GWP-SEA is currently redesigning its multi-stakeholders platform to enable all stakeholders to effectively contribute in addressing water security challenges

GWP-SEA platform exists at national, regional and inter-regional level.  The platform consists of 5 main themes: (i) human well-being; (ii) economic activities & development; (iii) ecosystem; (iv) water-related hazards & climate change; and (v) cross-cutting themes. The link between national, regional and inter-regional platforms lies on the needs among countries and regions in addressing challenges. 

The aims of every platform is to produce down to earth policy recommendations for all stakeholders to be considered and integrated into their workplans.  The platform itself will work as a working group with a clear workplan.

Interested in joining our platform?

For more information on our platform design, contact the GWP-SEA Secretariat Office at