Country Water Partnerships

GWP-SEA  further operates through relations with accredited Country Water Partnerships (CWP), and other separate co-operating entities that have  been given a role in the  Regional Water Partnership (RWP) in accordance with GWP-SEA Statute.

GWP Cambodia Water Partnership 

The final draft CamboWP was commented by Regional GWP SEA Coordinator (in October 2009), is to be signed by the Chair of CamboWP, H.E Mr. Watt Botkosal on 25 October 2009.

Statute of CamboWP, Articel 1 Stated that: The Cambodia Water Partnership (CamboWP) is established as the Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Cambodia, a network that liaises with agencies,institutions, business, social entities, professional associations, scientists, NGOs, and water users in the water sector and its related management areas.


Dr. Solieng Mak 

Cambodia National Mekong CommitteeDepartment of Policy and Planning 

E-mail :


GWP Indonesia Water Partnership 

GWP Indonesia aims to establish synergy and cooperation among water-related government institution –communities, professional organizations, academia, NGOs and other stakeholders-to establish a common direction for future efforts which will be carried out either in partnership or independently. The objective is to realize the benefits of sustaining water for human welfare and that the use of the ecosystems is performed efficiently and in a sustainable manner.

Established: March 2002

Dr. Ir. M. Amron, M.Sc 

C/o Sekretariat Kemitraan Air Indonesia. Jl. Patimura No.20, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia. Tel & Fax: +62 21 739 8604 

E-mail: mohammad.amron (at) , sekretariat (at) , sekretariatkai (at) 

GWP Lao Water Partnership 

GWP Lao was established in late September 2003, following a national consultation workshop held in August 2003. The charter of the Partnership has already been prepared, and the Water Resources Coordination Committee serves as the interim secretariat.

Established: September 2003


Science Technology and Environment Agency (STEA), 

Prime Minister’s OfficeP.O. Box 2279, Vientiane, Capital, Lao PDR 

Tel & Fax : +856 21 21 87 37 

E-mail: wrccs (at)

GWP Malaysia Water Partnership 

Established in 1997, Malaysia is among the first country water partnerships in the region. The Partnership’s main programmes are responding to three challenges; managing water resources effectively and efficiently through IWRM; translating awareness to political will and capacities; and moving towards adequate and affordable water services. In 2005, one of the activities included a national dialogue on water financing. All activities are geared towards realizing the Malaysian Vision for Water for the 21st Century.

Dato' Hanapi Mohamad Noor



GWP Myanmar Water Partnership 

In 2003 June, Formulation of National Water Vision was completed and Strategic Plan of IWRM was also drafted in 2004 September. In 2005 February, Myanmar Water Resources Committee was established. Toolbox and IWRM Training were also conducted in 2006 and National dialogues for IWRM plans and Formation of Area Water Partnership were also conducted in December 2006 and March 2007 respectively.The Myanmar Water Partnership (MmWP) Statutes were adopted on 18th September 2007 and put up to the government for approval. On the same day, the Establishment of Myanmar Water Partnership (MmWP) (Interim Stage) was also declared. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation acted as a chair person.


Dr. Zaw Lwin Tun 

Irrigation Dept (Head Office) Thitsar Road, Yankin, Yangon, Myanmar 

Tel: +95 1 562529Fax: +95 1 578785 



GWP Philippines Water Partnership

 GWP Philippines contributes to and assists in accelerating the government’s efforts towards adopting and implementing IWRM by providing a neutral ground for discussing IWRM issues among a wide range of stakeholders in various sub-sectors. The Partnership’s main objectives are currently to promote dialogue on IWRM among stakeholders; advocate for the promotion of IWRM principles; information exchange, communication and research; and promoting a capacity building programme on IWRM.

Established: March 2002

Atty. Nathaniel C. Santos 


GWP Thai Water Partnership 

GWP Thailand , the Thailand Water Resources Association, was established in March 2003, and was registered as a Partner of GWP in December 2006, a multi-stakeholder platform is formalized. Thai-WP Foundation was set up by National Dialogue Proposal and now registering as a Country Water Partnership with GWP. Thailand has mapped its national needs for strategic advice in IWRM as well as formulated the national vision and framework for action for water in the 21st century. Furthermore, the National Water Policy has been endorsed by the National Water Resource Committee and approved by the Cabinet. Some provisions of the Policy have been adopted and are being implemented. 

Established: March 2003

Mr. Hannarong Yaowalert  

E-mail: man.purotaganon (at) 

GWP Vietnam Water Partnership 

GWP Vietnam adopted its statutes as a non-profit network of, at present, 37 voluntary partners from government as well as technical, academic, non-government, business and media groups. Present activities focus on introducing and exchanging IWRM experiences, as well as studying policies and strategies on utilization, protection and development of water resources. The Partnership’s long-term plan is based on the National Programme for Action implementing the Law on Water Resources and the National Water Security Vision that was adopted in October 2001. Its primary activities are to consolidate the Partnership and promote IWRM. Currently, the Partnership is facilitating four dialogues, integrated water resources assessment; effective water governance; water, food and the environment; and capacity building in IWRM.

Established: February 2002

Dr. Tran Dinh Hoi (Mr.) 

c/o Center for Water ResourcesDevelopment and Environment

165/2 Chua Boc Street, Dong Da, Hanoi. Tel: +84 4 852 3766. Tel: +84 4 563 4809