Water is the interconnector of all sectors, therefore, it is not possible to support sectors development without understanding the role of water as one of the important development foundation. As important as it is, water is still considered as social goods by development actors. This condition has created a very complex challenge for the development of water sector itself. In Southeast Asia region as well as in other regions, the complexities of water challenges then urged the need to work together to achieve water secure world.

Working together is not easy because it requires trust. Trust cannot be gain over night. In building trust certain conditions have to be met. One of the most important conditions is neutral environment that will allow stakeholders to discuss ideas, to share knowledge, expertise, lesson learned and so forth. 

In ensuring neutral environment, GWP-SEA multi-stakeholders platform (MSP) is established on the foundation of equal rights of all each members. Every member has equal rights no matter how big or small their organization is. It is expected that this MSP will be utilized as a trusted platform for all stakeholders in the region in working the  towards water secure world.