Impact Stories

10 years status of IWRM implementation in Southeast Asia

As part of a joint  initiative between the  Global Water Partnership Technical Committee  (GWP-TEC) , UNESCAP  and  other  organizations, to  develop  a  Southeast  Asia  Water Security  Roadmap, the Global Water Partnership  Southeast  Asia  (GWP-SEA) has commissioned this study to gather inputs for the preparation of the Roadmap. The study is based mainly on information collected by the GWP-SEA from its country networks, and comprises the following 3 main activities:

  1. Data collection and report writing for each country (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) on the Policy, Legal and  Institutional  Aspects 2000 – 2010.  
  2. Country Stakeholders Dialogue Workshops to review and discuss the Country Report 2000 – 2010. 
  3. A Regional Workshop to discuss the final report on the “Evaluation of IWRM Implementation in Southeast  Asia  (2000 -2010) - in respect  to Policy, Legal and  Institutional  Aspects” consisting of a compilation of the outputs from each Country Report. 

This report is an overview of the status of IWRM implementation in Southeast Asia, from 2000 to 2010 with Respect to Policy, Legal and Institutional Aspects. It is a synthesis compilation and assessment of the key points from each of the country reports that were prepared by country experts appointed by GWP-SEA.

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Multi-stakeholder Position Paper on the inclusion of community-based water and sanitation program in the new Water Law in Indonesia

Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia and its partners in Indonesia successfully formulated a position paper on the inclusion of community-based water and sanitation program for the Water Resources Law Draft of the Republic of Indonesia. The paper was presented and accepted by the Parliament after series of meetings and workshop co-organized by GWP-SEA together with Unicef Indonesia, Center for Regulation Policy and Governance (CRPG), and Jejaring AMPL (Indonesia’s Water and Sanitation Networks). The discussions that were held on September 2018 involved civil societies, non-governmental organizations, government representatives, academics, related partners, and mass media.

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10 Stories of Impact

Coinciding with the UN’s Climate Action Summit in New York, GWP released a ‘sneak preview’ of impact stories from its Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP). The new publication, “Mobilising Change Makers”, are a collection that illustrate GWP’s water and climate resilience outcomes from 2011 to 2019, giving an overview of changes that have improved livelihoods and made communities more climate resilient.

in the Southeast Asia Region, a story 'Mobilising communities to manage floods in north-western Thailand' is told as part of the other 9 stories of the successful implementation of WACDEP (page 10). Through the WACDEP programme, Thailand Water Partnership mobilised local governments to share knowledge with communities. The region has a flood early warning system that helps communities to plan ahead and protect themselves.

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Developing Community Resilience in Living with Floods

Around 10% of the land area of Malaysia is flood-prone. This puts a potential 5.5 million people at risk of damage to their lives, property, and livelihoods. With climate change likely to increase the frequency of extreme rainfall, preparation is the key. To improve capacity for flood preparedness, in 2019 GWP Malaysia and partners hosted a demonstration project and stakeholder event on integrated flood management. The objectives included educating government agencies, raising awareness among local communities by introducing hazard mapping, and strengthening networks and platforms to share knowledge and information. With a key focus on community empowerment in preparation and response to flooding events, the initiative is well placed to catalyse change, and will be replicated in additional areas in the future. 

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