GWPSA Strategy 2020-2025 to focus on Mobilizing Investments for A Water Secure Southern Africa

The Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWPSA) will be launching its Strategy for 2020 – 2025 themed “Mobilizing Investments for A Water Secure Southern Africa”, to its partners in Pretoria, South Africa. The Strategy, to be launched at a meeting to mobilize investments for a water secure southern African region, will guide how GWPSA will focus its work between 2020 and 2025 in line with the GWPO Global Strategy.

GWP’s Global Executive Secretary, Dr. Monika Weber-Fahr, will be officiating the launch of the Strategy, which she described as one of urgency. "GWP is a network of over 3000 organisations and we have been able to move and shake things up quite a bit over the years. But we know that bureaucratic competition, particularly between ministries and other hurdles, derail progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” she said. “The new Strategy, not only expresses the urgency of solving the world’s water problems, but also emphasizes the need to foster systemic change so that the pressures on water can be moderated and managed.”

GWPO Executive Secretary, Dr. Monika Weber Fahr will officiate the launch of the new GWP Strategy

“There are tough choices ahead, and we need everyone at the table to take them together. So we’re committed to working across sectors as the way to leverage global policy frameworks to motivate all stakeholders to improve processes that lead to systems change,” she said.

The Strategy will be launched at the 13th GWPSA Consulting Partners Meeting, which will be attended by GWP’s development Partners, GWPSA Steering Committee (SC), Ambassadors and delegates from funding agencies, GWPSA’s Regional Technical Committee (RTEC ), representatives from the 16 SADC Countries and members of the GWPSA Secretariat.

GWPSA Regional Executive Secretary, Mr Alex Simalabwi highlighted that this year’s Consulting Partners’ Meeting will collectively reflect on global targets of the GWP Strategy 2020-2025 and explore perspectives on how GWPSA will contribute to these targets as part of the regional support to advancing the water security Agenda in the SADC region.

GWPSA Executive Secretary, Mr Alex Simalabwi

“Partners at the CP 2019 will consider key achievements, outcomes and lessons, to inform the implementation modalities for the new GWP Strategy from 2020 and also share experiences on strengthening CWPs as vehicles for implementing the GWP Strategy, he said. “CP 2019 will, therefore, dedicate a significant portion to the GWP Strategy and GWPSA regional work programme, with interactive sessions with all Partners, exploring perspectives for implementing 

the GWP Strategy at the regional level and modalities for accelerating delivery of the GWPSA regional programme through GWPSA Partners.

The biennial meeting, will be held on 4-5 November 2019, bringing together the GWP Partners within and beyond Southern Africa. In addition to discussing the Strategy and work plan beyond 2020, the meeting will also reflect on the progress in the implementation of current GWPSA Strategy (2017-2019). Moreover, the meeting will reflect on the progress made and challenges faced by Country Water Partnerships - to identify key strategic actions necessary to support and strengthen CWPs more effectively. In addition, the meeting will address GWPSA governance matters including the election of a GWPSA Regional Board Chair and three Board Members to serve on the GWPSA Board for the next four years.