Eng. Mbogo Futakamba

Title: Water Energy Food Nexus Expert

Institution: Global Water Partnership Southern Africa & Africa Coordination Unit

Email: mbogofutakamba8@gmail.com

Eng. Mbogo Futakamba, having worked in the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for 32 years and assuming the highest executive position of Permanent Secretary, holds an MSc in Engineering (Irrigation Engineering) and B Tech in Civil Engineering. These strong professional qualifications are supported by many other courses like, Integrated Water Resource Management and Development, agricultural productivity in line with water resources modeling and evaluation of climate change impacts, infrastructure design and supervision to mention some of the courses and trainings. He is registered with Tanzania Engineers Registration Board as a Professional and Practicing Engineer.

Eng. Mbogo Futakamba started humbly working in site construction and supervision of a number of projects addressing the technical harmonization on water energy and agricultural production through irrigation. This was followed by being appointed as the Basin Project Engineer for two major conflict challenging river basins with multi-sectorial interactions on water utilization. The challenging interactions were mostly on energy production, agricultural production, water and environment management. The challenging river basins were Rufiji and Pangani in Tanzania.

Eng. Mbogo Futakamba later had the Presidential appointment to be the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water which was later followed by being transferred to the Ministry of Agricultural in the same capacity. This was followed by the appointment as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water. Apart from being in the high level government decision making body, he has been very instrumental in the management of transboundary waters as Tanzania is riparian to seven transboundary basins.

Between the years 2003 and 2013, he was the Secretary General of Tanzania National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage and Chairperson for the Nile Basin Initiative Project on Regional Agricultural Trade and Productivity, and member of the Project on Efficient Water use in the Nile Basin Corridor. Eng. Mbogo Futakamba has been involved in high level Advisory Committees. Some of the projects’ involved are like the Climate Change and Ecosystem Project for Eastern and Southern Africa. This experience drove him to the Chairpersonship of Permanent Secretaries of Water for all countries in East Africa Cooperation, manning Lake Victoria Basin Commission. To date he is an honorary ambassador for the GWP Tanzania Office, and the National Chair of the Multi- Sectorial Committee on Integrated Water Resources Management and Development in Tanzania.