Benin sets up the national YOUTH Parliament for Water and Sanitation

Benin CWP has coordinated the setting up of the national National Youth Parliament for Water and Sanitation (PNJEA) of Benin with the aim of involving Youth more in the issues around water and sanitation through education, facilitation and sensitization. The Parliament will work for a greater involvement of Beninese youth in the issues of Water Resources Management Integrated; educate the youth on water-related issues and sanitation; facilitate good cooperation between youth and policy makers in the strategic decision making (water sectors, sanitation, energy, food security and biodiversity).

About sixty (60) young participants took part in this constituent general meeting of the parliament, from all over the country.

During three days participants took part in training activities around the constitutive debates. It was a good opportunity to put at level most the participants on water and sanitation issues through various communications and group work. During this work, the young people developed the statutory texts of their parliament and a declaration of commitment and motivation which indicates their action plan. Finally, they set up a nine (9) member’s bureau, three (3) of whom are women and two account Commissioners. The President of PNJEA is Mr. Zinsou Dakoz, 1st Vice President: Nagbe Binec; 2nd Vice-President: Ornella GUEDEFINHOSSOU; General Secretary: Armel OTEKPO.