L@ Chronique March 2016

IPFM, first studies available

The Integrated Programme on Flood Management has started some activities at the end of 2015 in West Africa. The first drafts of country studies of Mali, Benin and Ivory Coast on the status and needs assessment on flood management in the Volta Basin are available.

Senegal, the CWP celebrates WWD with stakeholders

    The Chair of Senegal CWP and three members of the steering committee took part in the various activities related to the celebration of the World Water Day in the countries. The official ceremonies took place in Saint Louis this year. The CWP contributed in finalizing the official communications that were delivered in addition to contributing to the panel discussions.  The scientific panel took place on the topic “Water and Employment” and presided by the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation, Mr. Mansour FAYE. Two communications were made on the topic one covering national data and the second one reflecting local situation.

    A view of the room during the ceremony

    IDMP acting for environment

    The IDMP Project manager participated to the commemoration of the African Environment Day "Wangari Maathai Day" of the African Union in Addis Ababa from 1 to 06 March 2016. The opportunity was good to learn about several African initiatives driven by women and enable their empowerment and financial independence.

    Regional Technical Committee Meeting of GWP / WA

    The Regional Technical Committee met for the first time since its establishment on 30 and 31 March 2016 in the offices of GWP / WA with the Secretariat and the President. The meeting allowed the members of the Technical Committee to update on the current dynamics within the GWP, in this transition period to the 2017-2019 work program in order to build its position to contribute in the way the most effective.

    Budget and Finance Committee meeting

    The Budget and Finance Committee is an ad hoc committee set up by the Steering Committee to review documents including work plans, budgets and progress and financial reports to give its opinion on the level of implementation GWP West Africa budgets.

    Mékrou project, monitoring for the implementation of the political framework agreement

    A scanned version of the Framework Agreement signed on December 21, 2015 by Benin, Burkina and Niger was transmitted to all members of the Advisory Committee, to the nine (9) Ministers related to NBA through the National Focal Structures of NBA, as well to the Regional Coordination of users of the natural resources of the Niger basin (CRU-ABN).