L@ Chronique February 2016

IDMP planning capacity building workshop

The IDMP Waf team is preparing the capacity building workshop to be held in Ouagadougou from 4 to 8 Avril 2016 in Burkina Faso. This planned training of trainers (ToT) has been possible with the collaboration of CAPNET and aims at contrinuting to reduce the negative impacts of drought through some approaches like IWRM and effective planning. It will increase participants knowledge on these topics and come out with a monitoring tool. About twenty participants will take part drawn from administration, NGOs, Civil Society and private sector institutions of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, the three pilot targeted countries of IDMP and some regional institutions in West Africa.

For more on IDMP WAF: felicite.vodounhessi@gwpao.org

IDMP WA : Implementation, monitoring of demonstration projects

Conventions have been with the CWP of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger to allow the implementation of pilot projects in the countries during 2016 and continue the consultation meetings of national and regional platforms in the area of Integrated Drought Management.
The Project Manager has seized the opportunity and visited the pilot villages in the rural town of Gouendo in Mali where Mr. Boureima DIARRA, the mayor of the rural town said that "It is always better to teach us how to fish than to give us the fish". 

Senegal : CWP holds first 2016 SC meeting

The Senegal Country Water Partnership held its first steering committee meeting on Fevruary 27, 2016 to discuss the financial situation of the CWP and the contribution of its partners, the contribution of the CWP to the 2016 World Water Day in the country, how to finalise the accreditation process as a partner of GWP and the development of the action plan and budget for 2017-2019.

Mékrou Project: Monitoring the ongoing processes

    In Benin, Burkina and Niger the biding processes have been completed for the consultants to carry out the study on the Identification of development priorities in the Mékrou Basin being part of each country that will be followed by a validation workshop. The development of the study started in each country and is being followed closely by the CWP and the Mékrou PMT.


    8th WACDEP TWG meeting held

      The WACDEP Coordination unit organised the 8th meeting of its Technical Working Group (TWG) on 11th February, 2016 at the conference room of the Water Resources Commission (WRC).

      Executive Secretary and NO in Accra, Ghana

      The Regional Coordinator, Mr. Dam MOGBANTE and Network Officer, mr. Manuel FULCHIRON made a mission in Accra, Ghana where they met with the regional office for Africa of the UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO). The meeting aimed at informing and trying to secure partnership for the nexus « food security, water, food and ecosystem ». GWP shared its experience in particular on the country dialogs undertaken in 2015 in the context of the UN CFS work stream on water and food security as well as the envisaged follow up on water and food security in Africa.


      CWP Benin holds board meeting

      The Country Water Partnership of Benin held on Friday 26 February 2016 the meeting of its Boards. The context is marked by a drastic reduction of finances due to the suspension of the funding of the Pluriannual support programme to the water and sanitation sector and the IWRM institutionnal progression in Benin.