L@ Chronique March 2015

Supportig CWP Senegal

The Executive Secretary during his stay in Dakar met with the new chair of the Senegal CWP, Mr. Antoine Diokel THIAW and cangratulated him for his designation as chair. They had discussions on the future actions of the CWP. The Steering and Scientific Committees are yet to be established and an invitation will be sent to partners for a meeting to establish these bodies. Project templates will be developed in order to link with on going initiatives in the country and allow the CWP’s functioning.


GWP to collaborate with CILSS on Sahel Irrigation Initiative

GWP West Africa took part in the fourth (4th) meeting of the Sahel Irrigation Initiative Programme (SIIP) which is Worlb Bank funded initiative supported by the Permanent Inter-State committee to fight Drought in the Sahel (CILSS). The meeting took place on 3 to 5 February 2015 in Dakar, Senegal. GWP is a member of the task force and the topics for discussion of this 4th meeting were important for GWP's participation.

Mekrou project : validation workshop held in Niamey

A validation workshop was held on 19 and 20 February 2015 in Niamey, Niger for the validation of three studies carried out in December 2014. The first one was on the national consultation on the objectives and methodology of the Mekrou project, the second one on the institutional participatory diagnosis and the third one on the assessment of existing capacities and the needs for capacity building for knowlegde management organizations in the country.

Brief news on the Mekrou Project

1. Mekrou Project is studying the impact on the W Park
A study is being carried by the Country Water Partnership of Benin to collect ecnomic data on the visitors of the W Park that covers part of the Mekrou Basin. The assessment is initiated by the Joint Research Center (JCR) with the support of GWP West Africa.

Strengthening partnership with regional organizations

The Executive Secretary, Dam MOGBANTE and the Mekrou Project Manager, Corneille AHOUANSOU met the Executive Secretary of the Niger Basin Authority in Niamey. The meeting aimed at get the NBA to record the Mekrou Project in the agenda of their Ministerial Council to be held at the end of the year for the signature of the Framework and mechanism for cooperation. The NBA ES showed readiness to collaborate with GWP-WAF on various initiatives.

GWP booth at the national forum on water and sanitation in Burkina Faso

GWP West Africa and the Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Burkina Faso animated a booth during the first forum on water and sanitation in Ouagadougou from 12 to 14 February 2015. The event took place around the topic : "permanent access for all to water and sanitation by 2030: Strategies, concrete solutions and commitments of relevant parties".

Promising débuts for IDMP WAF

The IDMP WAF has launched a consultation to recruit national experts in the project countries (Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger) to review drought management ongoing initiatives in each country.

The IDMP Project officer met also a delegation from the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) to discuss area of collaboration mainly on the possiblity of carrying out the identification of microproject for demonstration in Burkina Faso. DHI is already working on inundation and drought management tools in the Volta Basin and the collaboration could build on this intiative.

ECOWAS to launch water Observatory project

GWP WAF took part in ECOWAS Water Resources Coordination Center’s launching workshop of the project for the establishment of the regional water observatory of ECOWAS. This project aims to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the water sector through the operationalization of the Centre for Water and strengthening the capacity of actors. The occasion was also seized for information on the ADB funding procedures. GWP / WA could be a partner in the implementation of certain project actions. GWP WAF was represented by Ms Félicité Chabi-Gonni Epse VODOUNHESSI, IDMP WAF Project Manager

Ghana: 4th and 5th Capacity Building Training held

The Ghana Country Water Partnership (CWP-Ghana) has organised the fourth and fifth Modules of the Capacity Development programme under WACDEP. The training sessions were held at Erata Hotel and Water Resources Commission (WRC), respectively in Accra from 16th to 19th February, 2015. The themes were "Monitoring and Moving Forwards" for the 4th Module and "Wrapping Up and Lessons Learned" for the 5th Module.

Ghana: Validation workshop of Socio-Economic and Environmental Analysis and Logical framework of WACDEP’s field demonstration project held

In collaboration with the White Volta Basin Office of the Water Resources Commission (WRC), the Ghana Country Water Partnership (CWP-Ghana) has carried out the validation workshop for the report of the study on "Socio economic and environmental analysis and Logical framework development of field interventions for building community resilience in the White Volta River Basin".