L@ Chronique October 2015

Mekrou Project, following up the implementation of activities

Many Studies to be carried early 2016 Terms of References (ToRs) were developed and launched in all the three countries for biding. Some offers have already been received and each CWP as well as the regional coordination are following closely.

The project has also requested from each country to submit a proposal of pilot project to be carried in the framework of the Mekrou. Proposals have been received from Burkina, Niger and Benin is still to submit.


Adapting to Climate Change, the Benin CWP trains women to the use of the economic stove "WANROU"

In order to support the Municipal Association of Users of natural resources of the Niger Basin of Péhunco (ACU-Péhunco) to implement a micro-project for the mobilization and the integrated management of resources of the Beket reservoir, the community of Beket in the town of Péhunco received a 10-day training session in September 2015 on the construction and use of economic Wanrou stoves. Indeed, this micro-project is in line with the "Shared Vision for the preservation of the Niger Basin ecosystem for its sustainable development" and the "promotion of IWRM in the national portion of Niger Basin" of the WASH-Benin Program.

Benin : the CWP trains local actors to advocacy

After the Municipal / Communal and Local elections which took place in Benin leading to the renewal of decision-making bodies at municipal level, the CWP Benin has initiated a training session on the advocacy techniques for local water stakeholders. The participants included members of the National Association of Users of the national portion of the Niger Basin (UNA-Benin, the Consultation Framework of non-state actors in the water sector and sanitation (Canea), the Local Water Partnerships (PLE) of Mono and Couffo, the Consumers Associations of Drinking Water (CAPE) and the social intermediation NGOs

Working meeting between GWP/WA and ECOWAS Water Resources Coordination Centre

Given the importance of WRCC in coordinating water resource management in West Africa in particular and that of ECOWAS generally politically and economically, and because of the many joint initiatives underway, GWP / WA met with the Director of WRCC, Ibrahim Babatunde WILSON. The GWP delegation led by its Chair, Prof. Afouda, included the Executive Secretary and the Mekrou and IDMP projects officers.
The two organizations raised a number of initiatives underway at GWP / WA of which WRCC is an integral part, including the Mekrou project, IDMP, or those in which the WRCC should take the lead like the initiative on the regional dialogue on the joint management of shared aquifers in West Africa.

Working visit of the Cahir at the Secretariat and meeting of the budget and finance committee

The Chair of GWP WAf, Pr. Abel AFOUDA had a working visit at the Secretariat from October 19 to 24, 2015. During his stay on Ouagadougou, the Chair met with the staff to have an update on the implementation of various activities and give his orientations for finalizing pending issues.

He was presented the templates for the monitoring and drafting of the work plans, the draft progress reports of the CORE and the three projects bein implemented (WACDEP, IDMP and Mekrou), the guidelines for elaborating the budgets lines for 2016. On all these Prof. AFOUDA gave some orientations. The decision was also taken to convene the virtual meeting of the Steering Committee to appreciate the various documents and give orientations to the Secretariat. This meeting will be done early in November 2015.


Lake Chad Basin and the Mano River Union Stakeholders share experiences


The CWP Ivory Coast took part in the regional training and management experiences sharing workshop between the actors of the Lake Chad Basin and the Mano River Union organized from October 5 to 7, 2015 at the Hotel New Pergola at Abidjan, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.


National workshop for the dissemination and ownership of ECOWAS water infrastructures guidelines in Côte d’Ivoire

The ECOWAS Water Resources Coordination Center and IUCN have organized on 1 and 2 October 2015 in Abidjan a national workshop on the dissemination and appropriation of the guidelines for the development of water infrastructure in West Africa. The workshop brought together twenty participants from the National Assembly, technical ministries and civil society, having a direct interest in the application of the guidelines. CWP Ivory Coast (PNECI) was represented by its Chair, Mr. Koffi N'DRI and KOUADIO Francis, the Executive Secretary.

IDPM WA, moving with the establishment process of the regional platform

    A meeting was held on October 27, 2015 in the conference room of GWP West Africa to discuss issues related to the establishment of the regional platform for stakeholders on drought management in the region. During this second meeting a presentation was made on various tools that could be used to ease communication between members of the platform before and when it is set up. Among these tools were social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Google communication tools, Yammer, etc.


    Drought Management, Mali national platorm discusses legal and instutional framework

      The Mali CWP organized on 29 October 2015 a meeting of drought management stakeholders at national to set up the platform in the frame work of the Integerated Drought Management Project (IDMP).

      The meeting brought together about twenty people from the CWP Mali, local NGOs, meteorological services, civil society and government departments in charge of the issues of water resources, agriculture and climate change.

      Update on the Youth and water Programmme

      The implementation committee of the youth project in Togo organized a press conference on Tuesday, October 27 to introduce the National White Paper. The event took place in the presence of representatives of the government, development partners, youth organizations and the media. It was an opportunity to initiate other actions, particularly with the Delegation of the European Union in Togo to support the dissemination of the white paper after the COY11.