L@ Chronique June 2016

GWP Ghana take part in partners' meetings

Participation in feed the Future meeting

On 23rd June 2016, the project Manager and Intern of WACDEP Ghana participated in the Feed the Future meeting organised by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). The meeting was held on at the conference room of the institute. The main purpose of the meeting was to share lessons emerging from project implementation and to seek stakeholder inputs towards streamlining perspectives for improved project performance. In all, twenty (20) participants selected from civil society, government institutions, ministries and nongovernmental organisations.


Participation in NLLAP 55 meeting

The Communications Officer and Intern of WACDEP participated in the 55th National Level Learning Alliance Platform (NLLAP). The meeting was organised by the Watershed Ghana Partnership which is made up of the International Resources Centre (IRC), Simavi, Wetlands International and Akvo in collaboration with the Resource Centre Network (RCN). 

Field visit and participation in Experience sharing workshop

The Project Manager (PM) and Communication Officer (CO) of WACDEP participated in an experience sharing of field demonstration partners on activities on28th June, 2016. The Experience sharing took place in the conference room of the Department of Agriculture of the Bawku Municipal Assembly.

Mékrou Project : Validation of national studies

    The studies on "Identification of national development priorities on the Mékrou basin in Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger were validated after comments made by the consultant were discussed and taken into account by national consultants.


    Benin, 1st General Assembly of the Youth Parliament for water

    The Benin Youth Parliament for Water established on April 2, 2015, had its first general meeting to take stock of their activities of the first year, to evaluate the implementation of the 2015-2016 work plan, and then develop the plan for 2016-2017.

    Fighting corruption in the water sector and sanitation in Benin

      Since 2015, the Country Water Partnership of Benin (Benin CWP) initiated with the support of the Water Integrity Network (WIN) the development of a charter for good governance in the frame of the Multiannual Programme for the promotion of integrity in the area of water and sanitation in Benin. A working group with the support of a consultant led the drafting process of the Charter. From October 2015 to date, the Charter was developed, and stakeholders were consulted on its contents as well as its operationalization mechanism that was also developed.


      IDMP: implementing project activities at region and country levels

      The implementation process of national and regional platforms on the Integrated Management of Drought is ongoing. Thus the regional core group as well as the national core group of Niger held their first meeting of 2016 respectively on Wednesday, June 15 in Ouagadougou and Wednesday 22 June in Niamey.

      Mékrou Project took part in the ABV Council of Ministers

      From 8 to 10 June 2016 the Mékrou Project Manager, in support to GWP-WA team represented by the WACDEP Programme Manager and IUCN participated in the Extraordinary Council of Ministers of the Volta Basin Authority held in Cotonou, Benin. The meeting allowed to introduce and adopt the concept note of the project developed jointly by IUCN and GWP-WA on "Conserving and restoring a functioning ecosystem in the Volta Basin." A resolution of the the VBA Council of Ministers was taken to adopt this initiative.