L@ Chronique May 2016

Communication & knowledge Management

Three factsheets on the three demonstration pilot projects of the Integrated Drought Management Project (IDMP) West Africa have been produced. These factsheets give basic information on the various pilots projects being carried our in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger in the framework of the IDMP. The French version of the factsheets are available and can be downloaded here.

Strengthening partnership: NBA invits Mékrou Project to Experts meeting

    The Mékrou Project Officer was invited to take place to the meeting of Niger Basin Authority experts Committee prior to the Council of Minister in Abuja. The NBA meetings took place from May 25 to June 2, 2016 in the Capital city of Nigeria. GWP WA was fully represented by the Mékrou Project Officer.

    Mékrou Project: supporting demonstration projects

    A new budget proposal submitted for EU approval includes a budget line of 50,000 to support the implementation of demonstration projects in countries. The projects proposed by each country were initially budgeted to be implemented with much more funds, so it was asked from each country to resize the projects to fit the proposed budget or raise funds at national level to complement.


    Mékrou Project: identification of national development priorities

    The Project Officer took part on May 6 and 11 respectively in Burkina and Niger to follow up meetings to discuss the standard template for the drafting of the consultants reports on the identification of national development priorities in the Mékrou basin.

    Mékrou Project: working to implement the Framework agreement

    A GWP delegation including the Coordinator, the Project manager and by the chair met with the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) Executive Secretary and some her colleagues on May 10, 2016. The discussions focused on how to start the implementation of the framework agreement for the promotion of political dialogue in the Mékrou tranboundary river basin signed in December 2015 by the three countries. To start with it was sugggested that the issue be included in the agenda of the next NBA council of ministers.

    Nigeria: training workshop on effective regulation at catchment level

      A training workshop was held on effective regulation targeted at Catchment officers due to their future roles in the catchment regulations, facilitation of the development of Catchment Management Plans (CMPs) and production of Water Charters to be signed by riparian State Governments within the hydrological area. The training was held on 2nd and 3rd February 2016.


      IDMP WA at GWP RD in Stockholm

      The Regional Project Officer was part of the GWPWA team that participated in the GWP Regional Days. She took part on May 11, 2016 at the IDMP session that brought togetjer the Global progarmme Manager and the regional programmes managers of Eastern Africa and Central and Eastern Europe to discuss the challenges, difficulties and especially the added value of IDMP in each region.


      IDMP, pilot demonstration projects in the move

       In Burkina Faso, the work is in progress on the second site in the village of Komki after the first one was abandoned because of some land dispute in the village of Baragho. These works include establishing the topographical boundaries of the site, training of beneficiaries by the CWP Project officer for the materialization of the fence, installation of the fence and mobilization of beneficiaries for digging holes.