Experience sharing between CWP Benin and CWP Niger

The Permanent Secretary of CWP Niger, Mr. Garba Radji, undertook a working mission with the CWP Benin in Cotonou from 17 to 23 July 2015. Mr. Radji is the PS of the CWP Niger since June 2015.


This mission allowed the new permanent secretary of the Niger CWP to get a clear idea of the operation of a partnership that is making some progress in order to draw lessons to revamp the CWP Niger. The visitor was introduced to the whole working process and the various ongoing programs and projects by the team of the CWP Benin. A focus was put on the relations with strategic partners such as the State and NGOs in place.

At the end of the working visit, it was recommended that the Niger CWP to develop a strategic partnership with companies and other institutions involved in the water sector and sanitation in the country. The CWP Niger must develop strategies especially financial resource mobilization one based on the development of relevant projects and their submission to donors, as well as apply to calls for projects. CWP Niger will build on the PANGIRE (IWRM Plan) development process to sustainability register its activities. More generally, it must strengthen its activities and think on the possibility of creating a National Coordination to better support them. CWP Niger should identify a decentralized structure within the Regional Commissions for Water and Sanitation (CREA) able to bring its messages to the base.