WACDEP Burkina Faso: 4th Capacity Building Workshop

The fourth capacity building workshop was held from July 28 to 29, 2015 in Ouagadougou. This workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity of planners and policy makers who are beneficiaries of the program to ensure the monitoring of progress and lessons learned from the implementation of the Strategic Framework for water security and resilient development to change climate produced by AMCOW.

Discussions with strategic decision makers taking part in this training helped generate ideas to facilitate the organization of the 5th and final workshop scheduled to be held on August 25, 2015. Each strategic decision-maker with the help of planners and support team of WACDEP Burkina capacity building program will prepare, on the basis of the training topics, a specific project to be discussed during the fifth training session. The policy makers expressed satisfaction and wish to soon see the benefits of this capacity building program.

This activity was an opportunity to make a field visit to the demonstration project site with WACDEP Africa coordination unit capacity building programme manager, Mr. Armand HOUANYE.