Burkina Faso: Strengthening the capacity of members of the CLE in Massili North Basin

The Local Committees for Water (CLE) are basic links of the institutional framework of Integrated Water Resources Management of Burkina Faso.

The restructuring of the North Massili CLE was made in the context of the implementation of the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) and in all about ten CLE were set up in 2013 by the Nakanbé Water Agency. The joint diagnosis made during the implementation of the CLE has highlighted a number of shortcomings, including that of weak capacity.

The Country Water Partnership Burkina in partnership with the Nakambé Water Agency organized a training on IWRM and farming organizations.

The training covered comprehensively four (4) topics related to the Integrated Management of Resources (the problem, IWRM and its environment, the legal, regulatory and legislative framework, and the establishment of CLE) and four (4 ) other topics related to the management of membership organizations (their functioning, participatory approaches, approaches to the planning and implementation of activities and installation of projects).
The Regional Water Partnership West Africa (GWP / WA) was asked to build the capacity of participants on participatory approaches. This special session has to focus on the fundamentals of the participatory approach, principles, stages of implementation, and information on the use of some techniques and participatory animation tools. The IDMP WAF Project Manager Ms. Felicite Chabi-Gonni Ep. VODOUNHESSI carried out the training on behalf of GWP-WA.

The participants at the end of the session on participatory approaches, expressed their entire satisfaction with the content including the various tools. They noted that the tools presented will actually be used in the development and implementation of projects in the sub Massili North Basin.