CWP Benin holds board meeting

The Country Water Partnership of Benin held on Friday 26 February 2016 the meeting of its Boards. The context is marked by a drastic reduction of finances due to the suspension of the funding of the Pluriannual support programme to the water and sanitation sector and the IWRM institutionnal progression in Benin.

This situation was pointed out by the Chair of the CWP, Mr. André TOUPE in his opening speech streesing that more stakeholders are engaging in the promotion of IWRM in Benin. This calls on the CWP to reposition itself in order to find the strategic frame of watchdog on the governance of the sector in compliance with the principles of IWRM in policies, strategies and development programmes both at national and local levels.


André TOUPE, Chair CWP Benin

Board members made some recommendations on the implementation of the work plan and budget for 2016 after adopting the documents presented to them. A focus was put on new partnerships to develop to deal with financial difficulties that may come from the ending of some programmes. Board members have also requested appropriate communication actions to give more visibility to the activities of the network.

All Board members took part in the meeting in addition to some staff of the CWP, the Technical Commission of Experts and the control committee.

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