Executive Secretary and NO in Accra, Ghana

The Regional Coordinator, Mr. Dam MOGBANTE and Network Officer, mr. Manuel FULCHIRON made a mission in Accra, Ghana where they met with the regional office for Africa of the UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO). The meeting aimed at informing and trying to secure partnership for the nexus « food security, water, food and ecosystem ». GWP shared its experience in particular on the country dialogs undertaken in 2015 in the context of the UN CFS work stream on water and food security as well as the envisaged follow up on water and food security in Africa.


FAO Africa shared its views on the presentation and suggested to thoroughly consider for the development of the program the Climate Smart Agriculture, the SDGs dimension, the linkages between the work that can be done at basin level and the actual implications at country level, the socio-economic aspects of food security, and the value of environmental services. The UN body also suggested to build evident synergies with existing or upcoming initiatives in may countries in Africa.  GWP and FAO Africa agreed to discuss potential way forward for further joint work on water and food security.


The mission also met with interim chair of CWP Ghana, Mr. Ben Ampomah to inform him that WACDEP and the project Office would be closed by end of September 2016. However, a critical element was approval of the 2016 WACDEP Workplan. The WACDEP Program Manager (PM) in Ghana, Maxwell Boateng-Gyimah noted that he received comments from GWPO and Coordination Unit on a revised workplan submitted to the regional Office in January 2016. As such, the visit of the team was opportune to finalise the workplan 2016 for approval.

Mogbante and Fulchiron gave some perspectives for CWP-Ghana and GWP/WA and noted the feedback from the Acting Chair.

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