Senegal : CWP holds first 2016 SC meeting

The Senegal Country Water Partnership held its first steering committee meeting on Fevruary 27, 2016 to discuss the financial situation of the CWP and the contribution of its partners, the contribution of the CWP to the 2016 World Water Day in the country, how to finalise the accreditation process as a partner of GWP and the development of the action plan and budget for 2017-2019.

Five (5) including NGOs, private sector, public administration, research and training institutes and users associations out of the seven (7) interest groups/categories represented in the SC took part in the meeting. The CWP is preparing two communications that will be presented during debates at the WWD at national level.

The CWP took part on February 25 to a restitution workshop on the study on the actualisation of the manual of drinkable water in rural areas in Senegal. This is a tool that is supposed to help the country overcome the challenge of  universal and equitable access to potable water at afordable costs through public services of water in rural areas. Senegal is said to be one of the countries in Africa to have achieved MDGs in 2015 by reducing by half the number of people who did not have access to drinking water (rural access rate 84% in 2015 against 64% in 2004 ; in urban area 99% in 2015 against 89% in 2002).

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