WACDP Burkina: "SIDWAYA" of Ramitenga trained on the techniques of production and conservation of maize and okra.

    18 members of the group called Sidwaya were trained on 13 June 2015 on the site of the drip irrigation demonstration project in Ramitenga. It aimed to enhance the participants' knowledge on technical processes for the production and the methods for the conservation of corn and okra crops. The exchanges took place between participants and trainers on the technical process for the production of each enterprise and the methods of conservation and processing of these products after harvesting.

    The learners were familiarized with the development of a consensual crop calendar for each product and the appointment of a committee to monitor the activities and exercises on land preparation, provision of organic manure and the achievement of seedlings.

    Overall, participants increased their knowledge on the technical route for the production of okra and corn (soil preparation, realization of seedlings (spacing and number of seeds per hill, etc.), application of fertilizer (types of fertilizer, application rates and time periods, etc.), the operations of taking care of crops (types, periods, etc.), threats on the crop and the means of control, protection, harvesting. The methods of preservation or processing of these products after harvesting (conditions, resources) are known to the participants