WASH-Benin trains CSOs on municipal budget monitoring

The CWP Benin held on 3 and 4 June 2015 a training session on behalf of the members of the Consultative Framework of Non State Actors of the Water and Sanitation Sector (CANEA) and the Civic Participation Units (CPC) of the communes where WASH-Benin is active namely Kandi, Kérou, Parakou and Sinendé.


The session aims to strengthen the capacities of the CANEA members and local partners on budget monitoring at local level to improve their skills to better influence the municipal budget allocated to the water and sanitation sector. It brought together twenty participants composed of members of CANEA, the Civic Participation Units (CPC) of the communes of Parakou, Kandi and Sinendé, the City of Kandi through the Director of Financial Affairs, the Secretary of Social Watch.
This training session allowed participants to understand the legal framework of the municipal budget; the budget preparation process through the roles of actors in the development process and the various stages of the process. Participants were also introduced to reading the municipal budget with the specific case of the Commune of Kandi; execution and control of the budget of the municipality through the organs and common control mechanism. The roles of CSOs and budget monitoring tools at the local level were discussed: this part has clearly developed the roles that civil society can play in the process of developing and implementing the commune’s budget. It resulted in the development of an Action Plan to be implemented by each CPC for the monitoring of the budget of their municipality on issues related to water and sanitation by December 2015.