6th Partners Meeting: Special session on GWP Waf projects

A special day session was organized on May 5, 2015 just before the Partners meeting held on 7 and 8 May 2015 in Cotonou, Benin. The session aimed at all the representatives of Country Water Partnerships (CWP) invited for the Assembly of Partners but focused mainly on countries where the three projects are being carried out: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger.


The session on the Integrated Drought Management Programme West Africa (IDMP/WAF) came out with recommendations specifically focusing on capacity building with a special request so that particular attention is given to African realities, where necessary in the development process of the training modules. Regarding the establishment of national and regional platforms on the issue of drought, it was suggested to submit the idea first to the national and regional actors before any action. Reflection will be made on the form it should take with the prior verification of the existence or not of such initiatives to avoid useless duplication.
Finally, given the IDMP/WAF catalyst nature, actions have been initiated with the CWPs of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, for the development of micro projects at national level that will be submitted for the fund raising process.

The Mekrou session came out with some recommendations related to take into account in the design and financial project evaluation costs and constraints for implementing projects in a partnership system (take into account a reasonable period of time for the start-up period). Participants recommended to provide during the design phase of all projects a budget line for adequate administrative costs of their implementation. Since CWPs are the field actors, participants recommended to get CWP involved (implementing agencies / implementation) in the finalization of all projects to ensure they are integrated in the general scope of public projects and programs.
Budget provisions should be done appropriately when designing projects funds that reflect the real costs of the various services / activities to be implemented under the project.
All GWP-WA project initiatives should include in the implementation demonstration pilot activities to reflect the wishes and needs of governments and beneficiaries.

During the WACDEP session the Regional Programme Manager briefly presented the results of the implementation of the Programme at regional level, in Burkina Faso and in Ghana in order to receive feedbacks from participants.
Then a brainstorming activity was done with the partners taking part into the iterative participatory exchanges to get inputs for the development of a new project concept note to be on "the risks management of natural disasters related to climate change in West Africa."
The session came out with the observations that the theme is very relevant and GWP / WA should take initiatives to work more on it to be able to fund raise for actions in this field.
Some information with a justified project idea with potential components and activities were identified as relevant and should be included in the concept note to be drafted.