IDMP: implementing project activities at region and country levels

The implementation process of national and regional platforms on the Integrated Management of Drought is ongoing. Thus the regional core group as well as the national core group of Niger held their first meeting of 2016 respectively on Wednesday, June 15 in Ouagadougou and Wednesday 22 June in Niamey.

The meeting in Ouagadougou enabled the regional core group to have a clearer idea of the virtual platform on IDM and prioritize actions that could be undertaken during the 2nd half of 2016 in order to trigger the feeding process of the platform. A consultant presented what the platform may look like to get the reaction of the stakeholders. Main concerns were on the institutional anchorage, the hosting of the platform in a data center, the data to be shared and the duration of the platform. The stakeholders then discussed activities to be carried before the end of the year.
The Project Manager used the occasion of the meeting of the core group to plan the participation of stakeholders in the working meeting that will adapt the Cap-Net training module on the drought risk reduction in the context of IWRM. This meeting is scheduled for the last week of July under the supervision of the expert that provided the training of 25 to 29 April 2016 for national and regional partners.

During the meeting held on 22 June in Niamey, the CWP made the restitution on the training of trainers on drought risk management in the context of IWRM and recalled the decisions taken during 2015 in meetings that preceded.

During her stay in Niger, the PM visited the demonstration project site in the village of KANKANTOUTI accompanied by the Permanent Secretary and the communicator of the Niger CWP. They noticed the laying of the California network including river basins and the installation of poles for the wire fence of the site that covers 1 ha. The barbwires will be installed at the start of work at the end of the rainy season to prevent them from being stolen. Also, the promoter of the union added GWP / WA logo on the packaging of recycled products as a partner of the consortium.