Brief news on the Mekrou Project

1. Mekrou Project is studying the impact on the W Park
A study is being carried by the Country Water Partnership of Benin to collect ecnomic data on the visitors of the W Park that covers part of the Mekrou Basin. The assessment is initiated by the Joint Research Center (JCR) with the support of GWP West Africa.

2. Mekrou ongoing studies
Studies are now underway in Benin and Burkina Faso the current use of water resources and definition of the portion of the territory in each country. The same study will review the existing IWRM plans and the strategies and policies for green growth and the management of drought and flood, energy in the basin. In each country consultant firms are recruited and the activity is being monitored by the CWPs and the PM Team. Niger has registered some delay that is being followed to speed up.