GWP booth at the national forum on water and sanitation in Burkina Faso

GWP West Africa and the Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Burkina Faso animated a booth during the first forum on water and sanitation in Ouagadougou from 12 to 14 February 2015. The event took place around the topic : "permanent access for all to water and sanitation by 2030: Strategies, concrete solutions and commitments of relevant parties".

The official ceremony was presided by the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources, Sanitation and Food Security of Burkina Faso. Many communications and discussions were done during the three days in addition to an exhibition for water sector organizations.

GWP’s took a booth where documentation from the network was exhibited. The booth recorded tens of visitors who took away the documentation and gave time to exchange with the booth animators who were the staff of the Country Water Partnership of Burkina.