Ghana: 4th and 5th Capacity Building Training held

The Ghana Country Water Partnership (CWP-Ghana) has organised the fourth and fifth Modules of the Capacity Development programme under WACDEP. The training sessions were held at Erata Hotel and Water Resources Commission (WRC), respectively in Accra from 16th to 19th February, 2015. The themes were "Monitoring and Moving Forwards" for the 4th Module and "Wrapping Up and Lessons Learned" for the 5th Module.

The programme saw the Decision makers and Planners coming together to look at issues of Climate Change and Water Security based on the knowledge they have gained throughout the period of the training.
The 5 decision makers met on the 1st and 3rd days at the WRC Conference room. They made presentations on the third day towards aligning the training to their duties in the respective institutions.
The planners had their first training session on the 2nd day at the Erata Hotel. Both planners and Decision makers came together on the 4th day at the same hotel. The planners made presentations on their projects and afforded opportunity to Decision makers to comment for improvement, where necessary. Some of the presentations were concept notes yet to be carried out while others gave a progress report on what they had done so far.
Participants interacted with the trainers and NTC to come out with various strategies to facilitate the post workshop monitoring exercise. The trainers encouraged participants to be active in the online platform to be set up for all participants of the Capacity Development Programme. They also encouraged the trainees to ensure that the impact of the knowledge gained through the workshops would be felt in the delivery of their respective tasks at their institutions.