Strengthening partnership with regional organizations

The Executive Secretary, Dam MOGBANTE and the Mekrou Project Manager, Corneille AHOUANSOU met the Executive Secretary of the Niger Basin Authority in Niamey. The meeting aimed at get the NBA to record the Mekrou Project in the agenda of their Ministerial Council to be held at the end of the year for the signature of the Framework and mechanism for cooperation. The NBA ES showed readiness to collaborate with GWP-WAF on various initiatives.

The GWP WAF team met also the interim director General of AGRHYMET, Mr. M’BASS Ibrahim and Mr. Abdou ALI following the Mekrou project for AGHRYMET. After the workshop held in Cotonou in November 2014, AGHRYMET was requested to coordinate the scientific and technical data collection in the farem of the project. TORs were developed and sent to the institution and discussions showed that a team will be set up soon to carry out the activities.

The Executive Secretary and Mekrou Project manager met finally Mr. Firmin Hilaire DONGOBADA, the country director of the NGO Eau Vive serving as Host Institution for the CWP Niger and his accountant, Mr. Ibrahim KOBEY. The meeting allowed to explain more the GWP procedures and the responsibilities of the host institution in the financial management of the CWP fundings. As a member of the CWP, Eau Vive thought it was a dury for them to provide assistance when required and needed by the CWP.