Benin: Training workshop on school hygiene and hygiene and sanitation monitoring

    This training is the follow up of the previous session held in 2015, and is part of WASH activities in schools, a project implemented by the NGO Protos and the CWP under the MYP and CASCADE programs. It is part of the promotion of Water Lawyers Clubs (through the creation and animation of School Health Committees) for an education for the adoption of best practices in the rational management of water, hygiene and sanitation in schools based on the peer approach.

    The objective is to create and maintain " WASH or hygiene friendly Schools." –The schools that will provide a safe and healthy environment, including health infrastructure and adequate sanitation for children to be healthier, more attentive and more productive.

    The training was attended by a total of 220 teachers, 14 Pedagogical Advisors and 15 NGO leaders of five towns through the 7 modules.
    The recommendations from the course are:
    • Support schools to plan activities in their schools
    • Make available to every school animation tools for their own use
    • Develop a roadmap for the regular monitoring of schools Sanitation and Hygiene activities
    • Ensure the provision of hygiene kits in all relevant schools.