Budget and Finance Committee meeting

The Budget and Finance Committee is an ad hoc committee set up by the Steering Committee to review documents including work plans, budgets and progress and financial reports to give its opinion on the level of implementation GWP West Africa budgets.

It is in this capacity that the CBF met on 31 March and 1 April 2015 at the headquarters of GWP / WA in Ouagadougou to study all documents to be submitted to the Steering Committee. The Secretariat submitted activity reports, financial and audit reports and work plans.

In the presence of the Chair of GWP / WA, Pr. AFOUDA Abel, the CBF

in order to better inform the Steering Committee reviewed all the reports given to them, and made recommendations. They have indeed done a review of the development process of the GWP / WA three-year program for 2017-2019  in the context of the overall dynamics underway in GWP.