Burkina Faso, visiting the WACDEP demonstration site

The CWP Burkina organized a guided tour on Friday, March 4, 2016 on the pilot project on drip irrigation using solar energy on the site of Ramintenga in the municipality of Loumbila.  Representatives of the town hall of Loumbila, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture (CRA) of the Central Plateau, the Regional Directorate in charge of Agriculture, hydraulics, sanitation and Food security (DRAHASA), the Malgb-Zanga Association, the local Water committee of Northern Massili, members of the SIDWAYA group, and CWP-Burkina took part in the tour.


Before going on the field a meeting was organized with the chief of the village of Ramintenga.
All actors have in turn welcomed the initiative and highlighted their pride to see the initiative achieved. One of the participants said that "it is necessary that this initiative is sustained and scaled up as such." The village chief meanwhile said that he would not imagine at the beginning that the work would have taken such magnitude. And according to Mr. Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo, President of the regional chamber of agriculture, there are seven other areas in the central plateau that have sent about ten requests asking if we could make them benefit from a similar initiative.

At the end it was recommended that the assistance to the project is maintained for some time and efforts should be done so that is replicated in other areas.