Burkina, the CWP looking for the IDMP demonstration site

The Country Water Partnership of Burkina is looking for a site for its Integrated Drought Management Project (IDMP) pilot demonstration action. On March 21, 2016, a meeting was held with the authorities and technical services of the municipality of Komki –ipala to discuss the modalities, strategy and project start-up timing. After discussions it was agreed that the CWP should meet the Village Chief and landowners to explain the content and expectations and get their commitment despite the initial introduction that was already done. This meeting was done on March 25 in collaboration with the IDMP project Manager at reginal level.


There was an agreement and a surface area of 2.5 ha was given to carry out the demonstration action. This site has many advantages including the fact that no soil conservation technique has been done, the land covering a total surface of about 7 ha is considered not fit for agriculture.

Technicians have started working on the site to make it fit for the pilot action. The pilot demonstration action of the CWP Burkina in the framework of IDMP is about promoting innovative drought resilience practices through the establishment of a multifunctional agroforestry park in the municipality of Komki-ipala. This commune of Komki-ipala is about 49 km away from Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina on the route leading to Bobo Dioulasso.